How does the line of credit work?

Imagine we grant you a € 500 credit line, but you only need € 100. Through the personal area of ​​the website, you withdraw those € 100, and you will only pay monthly interest for that amount and only for as long as you have it. Once returned to your virtual account you again have the initial amount granted for when you need it again.

Each month we will inform you of the amount you have withdrawn, the available credit, and the minimum monthly amount to be returned. At all times you can check the movements of your Credit Line in the Personal Area of ​​the web.

Return it anytime

  • You have up to 36 months to return the amount you have withdrawn and you can do it in the time you want within that period.
  • You will not be charged additional interest or cancellation fees.
  • If you return it before you will not have to pay cancellation interest and the total amount of your credit will be available again for another occasion.