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Loan 100000 CZK – even without proof of income and no registry

A loan of CZK 100,000 can be used for those who are going to buy a new or older car, reconstruct a flat or house or purchase household equipment. Let’s take a look at what the offer on the market is, who offers these loans and whether it is possible to obtain a loan from this category without proof of income or with a negative record in the debtors’ registers.


Bank loan CZK 100,000

Bank loan CZK 100,000

If the applicant has a regular income and has not had problems repaying other loans in the past, he can safely go to the bank for a 100,000-dollar loan. Bank loans to non-bank customers have a number of advantages – low interest rate and APR, guarantee of solid behavior, clear contract. In the case of a car, motorcycle or household loan, many banks are able to offer a special-purpose loan that is even more advantageous than a non-purpose loan.

Disadvantages of bank loans

However, bank loans also have limitations. It may take several days for a loan to be settled, some banks require a current account to be set up and, for example, for a special-purpose car loan, a large technical certificate is required for the entire duration of the commitment at the bank.

100000 immediately and without waiting

Anyone who is in a hurry or has no provable income will have to focus his attention on non-bank loans. They are much faster and more affordable than bank loans, and the 100000 “immediately” loan is no problem here. On the other hand, there are some risks – especially for smaller unknown non-banking companies, we need to be very careful.

Ask for a 100,000 Kč LOAN Rent Now!

Ask for a 100,000 Kč LOAN Rent Now!

Even with low income you can borrow 100,000, – or more
Ask for a loan easily and without paperwork. You will fill in the online form in 3 minutes and then just wait for the loan approval and money to be sent.


Real Estate Loans

For those interested in credit who have a property they can pledge in their possession, there is a chance to get a loan of 100,000 very easily, quickly and cheaply. Indeed, many banks and non-bank companies provide so-called American mortgages – loans for anything with property liability. The applicant pays his property to the creditor company and can obtain a loan with a very advantageous interest and a long maturity (up to 10, 20 or even 30 years) using it for anything.

Without proof of income and no registry

Without proof of income and no registry

Just non-bank US mortgages will allow you to get a loan in the order of hundreds of thousands even those who have irregular or difficult to prove income, or previously had problems with repayment of other loans and as a “memory” have a negative record in the registers. But in any case, we need to be wary – the easier it is to obtain a loan the greater the risk. In particular, the loss of housing in the event of loan default is at risk of lending.

Best Health Insurance

Which is the best health insurance, shows a recent test of the DFSI. For this, 29 funds were checked for their services and their service. Three health insurance companies convince in the end. But whether a change to them pays off always depends on the individual requirements of health insurance.    


A new test finds the top three health insurance companies for 2017

A new test finds the top three health insurance companies for 2017

Poor customer service or underperformance – There are many reasons why cash-in-transit patients may be dissatisfied with their insurance. In search of a better health insurance they have 2017 the choice between the most diverse providers. Volunteers should therefore take the trouble to compare the cash registers. Because their services and service are sometimes very serious . Not every health insurance, for example, for a professional teeth cleaning.

The current health insurance test of the German Financial Service Institute (DFSI) shows the best health insurance for 2017. The testers took a close look at the services, customer service and financial strength of the funds. The contributions are left out . Because “the financial advantages, which members of high-quality health insurance companies can receive thanks to additional achievements, are clearly higher than the maximum possible saving by a particularly favorable contribution rate”, emphasizes the DFSI.

Once again, the institute has gone in search of the best health insurance company. Accordingly, in 2018 four funds are recommended, which were rated very well in the test. Of the 35 health insurance companies surveyed, the health insurance companies TSE, AKO Ayo-Ikaw and AKO Plus offer the best company quality .

Tip: Not every one of the very well-rated health insurance companies is open in every state. In addition, the test winners differ in part also priced. With the health insurance comparison calculator you will find an inexpensive cash register without detours.


Best health insurance: Three funds convince in the test

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For the Best Health Insurance Survey for 2017, 29 providers were reviewed. The comparison does not even cover one third of the over 100 available funds. Nonetheless, the survey covers much of the market, with eight of the top ten insurers participating in the settlement .

For the overall assessment, various features were considered: Does the cashier offer more than required by law? Which service is open to members? How are the health insurance companies financially positioned? In particular, the last question is interesting. Because the expenses can provide information about the contribution amount. For example, if a health fund has low administrative costs for the insured, it can usually keep the contribution low.

Three cash registers achieve a very good overall result in the test for 2017. They convince with the best mix of services, service and financial strength . The test winners are the same as in the previous year.

Service : Good services often have their price. If you still want to save on the statutory health insurance, secured with the health insurance comparison calculator the best value for money.


Best health insurance for 2017: Very good services only at TK

Best health insurance for 2017: Very good services only at TK

In order to determine the best health insurance for 2017, the experts have examined for eight areas, whether the benefits go beyond the statutory minimum :

  • Bonus programs
  • dental benefits
  • alternative medicine
  • optional plans
  • additional protection
  • Special care
  • Health promotion
  • Additional services

The results for the additional services were the most heavily used in the evaluation. Behind this are, for example, support for artificial insemination, cancer screening or extended child and adolescent examinations. The winner in the performance is the TK with very good result, followed by TSE and Securvita, both of which were rated good.

Which health insurance offers insured persons the best service?


The current test also finds the best health insurance for 2017 in the area of ​​service. In addition to the number of branches, it is important here how satisfied cash-customers are with the customer care and whether they would recommend their current health insurance. The DFSI also compared the office hours and the online presence of the health insurance and checked whether there is a foreign language service. TK, AKO Ayo-ikaw and AKO Plus (only regionally open) score with the best customer service. All three achieve an excellent result.

Four health insurances convince in the health insurance test with their financial strength

Four health insurances convince in the health insurance test with their financial strength

When choosing the best health insurance, it is also important how it finances the cash register . Are the annual revenues and expenditures the same? How high are the contribution margins and the administrative costs? Added to this is the question of a stable or rather fluctuating membership development. 

Conclusion : The current comparison shows insured on the one hand, which health insurance offer them in 2017, the best overall package. If cash patients attach particular importance to a particular aspect, such as service, they can, on the other hand, stick to the test winners in the respective areas. Generally, it is worth comparing the cash registers in terms of price. For example, the contribution between TK and AKO Plus differs by 0.7 percentage points.