Save on your health insurance

You can easily compare the health insurance premium on the internet. Based on your personal situation you can find out online which health insurer offers the lowest premium . You can also adjust the deductible. Tip: by ‘playing online’ with a different deductible you immediately gain insight into the influence on your premium.

Look critically at additional insurance policies


Do you not expect high costs for, for example, a dentist, physiotherapy or alternative medicine? Then you do not have to take out additional insurance for this . It is wise to always keep some money behind for unexpected healthcare costs.

Choose consciously for your deductible

Choose consciously for your deductible

If you opt for a higher deductible, your health insurance premium will be lower. Look critically at how much care you need in a year. For example, a healthy person can increase the deductible . Even when you increase your deductible, it is wise to ensure that you always have money in hand for unexpected healthcare costs.

Collective health insurance cheaper?

You can get a premium discount with a collective health insurance policy. Examples of collectivities are: a professional group, employer or a patients’ association. Because health insurers can bring in a large group of customers, they give a discount on the health insurance premium. Please note: with a group you are bound by a specific health insurance policy. Other health insurance companies (without group discount) may still be cheaper. So compare your collective health insurance with other offers in the market.

Consider the deadlines

If you want to change something about your health insurance , you have to keep an eye on two dates.

  • You can cancel or adjust your current health insurance policy until 1 January.
  • Then you have until 1 February to take out a new health insurance policy .

Many people wait until the last moment to switch from health insurer. Make sure you have enough time to sort everything out and arrange it. Tip: make sure you have arranged everything before 1 January 2019. This deadline is easy to remember and you do not run the risk of being late.

Cut back on your health insurance, how not to do it

Cut back on your health insurance, how not to do it

Immediately opt for the lowest healthcare premium

By only looking at the lowest health insurance premium, you can be faced with unpleasant surprises. To lower the premium, insurers sometimes make exclusive contracts with healthcare providers . It is therefore good to first check whether the preferred healthcare providers have a contract with the insurer.

Take a deductible too high

If you take a too high deductible, there is a chance that you cannot pay a high bill. To determine whether you do not take a deductible excess, you must consider whether you can pay an unexpected health care bill of, for example, 885 euros (maximum deductible) in one go. Is this not possible? Then you better opt for a lower deductible.

Non-supplementary insurance, while this is necessary

By not insuring yourself for the care that you do need, you can incur high costs. For example, if you expect high dental costs or run a higher risk of sports injuries, then it is advisable to take out additional insurance for this. In many cases, the lower premium by not taking out supplementary insurance does not outweigh the costs that you have to pay yourself.

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