Sick message to the health insurance: You should know that

Flu, fever, stomach upset – who is seriously ill, should not go to work. In order to avoid a dispute with the employer, you should comply with the obligation to register. You must submit a sick report to both your employer and your health insurance company. In case of anger, a professional legal protection can also help you. Here you can find out more about the right procedure in case of illness.

The health insurance is not informed and now trouble with the boss? That does not have to be 

Sick leave: Health insurance must be informed within the deadline

Sick leave: Health insurance must be informed within the deadline

Sick? First inform the employer.

If you are sick and can not go to work, you must first inform your employer as soon as possible. After all, there should not be any trouble with the boss. A certificate of incapacity for work is required by law after three days and must normally be available no later than the fourth day. Your employment contract may invalidate this rule. In principle, employers are entitled to demand a medical certificate even before the period of three days, as a ruling (5 AZR 886/11) of the Federal Labor Court confirms.

In addition to the employer, you must also inform your health insurance company about the illness if it leads to incapacity to work. Again, deadlines apply. If you do not comply with these rules, for example, if you are entitled to sick pay, your payment may be suspended. The so-called submission deadline of the medical disability certificate at the health insurance is set in § 49 Abs. 1 No. 5 SGB V to one week after the beginning of incapacity for work.

Send the medical certificate yourself to health insurance

Send the medical certificate yourself to health insurance

As a rule, the doctor informs your health insurance company, as the HealthBroadcasting explains in a report on the topic. Tip: Make sure that there is a note about the notification on the certificate. If this is not the case, you should tell your doctor.

Are you a freelancer or self-employed? That’s why a professional protection is worthwhile for you! 

If you send your sick report yourself to your health insurance company, you should always do so by registered mail, so that it does not come to trouble after a possible loss by post. This also applies to the certificate your employer receives. The correct address for your health insurance can be found, for example, on the company’s homepage.

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