Tips to buy auto insurance when you don’t have much money

We all recommend that we buy insurance and protect our car because accidents happen from nothing and it is better to be protected to face what happens. And some time ago we decided and said we would buy one. Then we went to see our budget and we realized that the amount we had was still quite far from that necessary to buy the happy policy.

So what should we do if we want insurance but soles are scarce in our pockets? Pay attention to these 3 tips and forget about driving unprotected.

Push your budget:


Before seeking to save, you must know how much you have and once you know it, seek to have a little more. Whenever we say “I only have X quantity”, it is what we think we have, but if we are willing to adjust the budget, we will see that we actually have up to 20% more than we thought.

Look for options with financing: Almost all insurers have the option of financing the cost of insurance in a certain number of installments. If the amount of money you have is very limited, look for the largest possible number of fees (although it probably costs you a little more than cash).

Start with the basics:

money cash

The types of coverage are three, civil liability, total loss and all risk. If your dream is to place all risk coverage, which covers practically everything, you can start saving to acquire it at the time you can, but in the meantime, start with the one at your fingertips.

Before discarding insurance, compare your options, insurance is available from $ 8 per month. The key is to search and evaluate well, and better if you can compare them in one place, such as when you use the Bolderos Ghendos insurance comparator .

Johanna Bernuy | Journalist and blogger

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